March 12th, 2014 - FAMILY STATEMENT

The family was disappointed that we did not get a conviction in the first trial – we got as close as you can get to a first degree murder conviction with an 11-1 hung jury. In that trial we all saw the dark side of the defendant – he was exposed for what he really is – an embezzler - convicted felon, sexual predator, and a narcissistic, self-absorbed individual. With all of that said, the family has accepted the decision of the DA's office and acknowledges that, given the circumstances surrounding the case and the upcoming retrial, it is our best interests to have this case legally resolved via this plea agreement

With this plea agreement today, Raven has finally admitted, after almost nine years, that he did in fact kill our beloved Janet. Not only did he kill Janet but he knowingly killed his unborn child. No amount of jail time will ever provide justice for Janet or her unborn child.

The DA's Office did consult with the family and based on those discussions we felt it best to move ahead with a plea agreement discussion, this has been a long, arduous process and one that needed to be resolved. That initial trial was extremely hard on the family and all those that loved Janet – to say it was brutal is an understatement.

The Christiansen family, and all of Janet's friends have been committed to the pursuit of justice. It is their dogged determination and persistence that have driven this case from the onset. We would like to thank the Durham Police Department, the Durham District Attorney's Office, - especially Charlene Franks and Luke Baum. The family would like to thank all of those that have supported them throughout the years, especially those young women who were victims of Mr. Abaroa and had to relive those awful moments in their testimony.

Again, this plea is not what we wanted but under advice from counsel and collaboration among the family we have decided to support it – we would have preferred that he be put away for life in a place where he could not hurt anyone ever again.

February 2nd, 2010 - FAMILY STATEMENT

Over 4 years and 9 months ago our beloved daughter Janet and her unborn baby were brutally murdered. This was a significant loss to our family and friends that truly loved Janet for all that she was and could be. Janet’s murder left her son Kaiden, just six-months old at the time, without his mother. But our faith allows us the knowledge that we will be reunited one day.

We realize that this case has torn at the hearts of all of those who knew Janet and of those that have come to know her story over the past 4+ years. Throughout the years there have been many kind and generous people who came to our aid and have given their support in countless ways. These individuals have fought and continue to fight to bring about justice for Janet. For this there are no words that can express our gratitude. We are forever thankful to each and every one of you for all you have done.

Throughout the years we have remained confident and held to the faith that one day there would be justice for Janet’s murder. We are especially grateful to tireless efforts of detectives and agents with the Durham Police department, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and the FBI.

As far as commenting on Raven’s guilt or innocence, we will leave that to the judicial system. The investigators on this case have been able to systematically and meticulously go through all the evidence and leads to assure that the right person is in custody. We believe that the extensive evidence will speak for itself. The police have consistently said that Janet’s murder was not a “random act.” And while we wholly agree and feel that the arrest of Raven brings that comment full circle, it also causes us great sorrow.

Our primary concern is for the welfare of our grandson – Kaiden Abaroa. While the past four plus years have been tough on all of those who loved Janet it has been especially hard on Kaiden.

It is important to note that North Carolina is one among eight other states that does not prosecute individuals for the murder of an unborn child of the murdered mother. We find this fundamentally illogical to the laws of this land that protect the life and liberties of all. It needs to be understood that in many murder cases that involve an unborn child the motivation of ending that unborn child’s life is the primary driving force to commit the murder of the mother. The state of North Carolina needs to recognize and accept this by passing the fetal homicide law.

If you have any information related to the murder of Janet Marie Christiansen Abaroa please contact Detective Charles E. Sole Jr., Durham Police Department Homicide Unit at 919-560-4440 ex29350 or

October 21, 2006 – Southern Virginia University

2006 SVU’s Alumni Soccer Match Homecoming Weekend will be held on Saturday October 21, 2006 to promote awareness for the Janet Christiansen Abaroa Pioneer Scholarship awarded to a continuing women’s soccer player who displays sportsmanship, academic success, and athletic success, in Memory of Janet Marie Christiansen Abaroa. The following is a “modified” letter that was sent to Alumni and Friends:

Dear Soccer Alumni and friends for the SVU women’s soccer team,

As we enter the ninth year of our sport at Southern Virginia University, it is amazing to see how far we have come from our inaugural season. In those days we traveled 20 minutes to practice at the men’s correctional facility in Natural Bridge. We also had 13 girls on the team, only 11 of which had played soccer before. The coach who recruited most of us was out of the country that year in China leaving us with the most respected Coach Deidre Dryden.

The year that followed brought us our first home game ever held at Glen Maury Park between the softball dugouts. Many of you will remember hauling the left over dirt from the old barn to fill in the holes on the field. That year we also received our very own uniforms (no longer did we use the green and white stripped left over boys uniforms). The year 2000 brought many games on our current field across the street. That field too required some work. I remember as we linked arms and walked over the field digging out rocks and sticks and filling in the holes left behind. In those days there was no trainer. We taped ourselves with the help of some great volunteer assistant coaches Josh Littlefield, Matt Grarock, Tim Burton, and Heather Butler.

Thus far SVU women’s soccer has seen four coaches; Deidre Dryden 1998 (a.k.a. Coach), Joe Bouchelle 1999-2002 (a.k.a. Nazi, or so I’m told), John Butler 2003 (simply John), and Tiffany Parks 2004-current (a.k.a. The Devil per. Debbie Prins). SVU has also 3 national championships and 5 runners up championships. Ladies we were and are amazing!

It is my pleasure to invite you to the first time alumni soccer match Homecoming weekend Saturday October 21st 4:00pm. It is being held in honor of Janet Christiansen Abaroa. Since most alumni have had the opportunity to be Janet’s teammate at one point or another, the timing would be nice to get together and play in her memory. There will also be a dinner for alumni, close friends, and family in the Ballroom. This also presents an opportune time to promote awareness for the Janet Christiansen Abaroa Pioneer Scholarship awarded to a continuing women’s soccer player who displays sportsmanship, academic success, and athletic success.

Donations to the scholarship are accepted through the Development Office, One University Dr, Buena Vista, VA 24416 (540) 261-2782. On-line donations can also be made through the Development Office Web site. When donating on-line, check the box listed as "Other" and write Janet Christiansen Abaroa Pioneer Scholarship in the text box.

Friday evening three alumni will be awarded as Legacy Athletes during a pep rally. The weekend will be packed with many opportunities for alumni to come and reacquaint themselves with the spirit of Southern Virginia University they felt as students as well as what the future holds for our great University. Please contact me via email or by phone (540) 460-2370 if you plan on attending. Hope to see you there.

Your former teammate,

Tiffany (Dunn) Parks


September 2006 -
Phychic Consultant Laurie McQuary of Lake Oswego, Oregon joins us in the search for details in Janet's murder.

Laurie McQuary has been on the psychic scene since 1985. As owner of Management by Intuition (MBI), Laurie offers consultations on both personal and business levels. She has a busy schedule consisting of private consultations, television appearances, lectures, workshops, and working with law enforcement agencies internationally as well as in the United States.

Please visit Laurie McQuary's website at

April 29, 2006 -
Candlelight Vigil Please visit for information on a special candlelight vigil held in honor of Janet Marie Christiansen and all victims of crime in conjunction with National Crime Victim's Rights Week. We will be gathering at "The Plaza" at the Durham Marriott at the Civic Center, 201 Foster Street, Durham, North Carolina at 7 p.m.

April 12, 2006 -
CNN Headline News "Nancy Grace" 8:00 pm eastern (please check your local listings for times) to air information regarding the Reward from Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation.