Submitted by Janet’s friend Christine…

Janet was one of my dearest childhood friends that will always remain close to my heart. We attended grade school, middle school, and high school together. We participated on basketball and soccer teams, and played in the school band together.

On road trips to soccer games, Janet and I would banter as to who had the better number-she was number 3, and I was number 6. She would challenge that #3 was clearly better than #6, as two #3's equaled only 1 #6. We also gave one another nick names. Janet was “roadrunner” for her speediness. She could effortlessly beat any boy in a race.

Janet brought happiness and a relaxed demeanor with her smile and unforgettable laugh. She was generous with her thoughtfulness and expressed concern for her friends. She was a true friend whose love and caring I will forever carry close to my heart.

In loving memory always,
Christine Yerg Lee

To Janet from Niece Clarissa...

Dear Janet,

I love you very much. I hope you are having fun in heaven with Gaynelle and Papap. I also want you to know I miss you and I am sure Mommy and Daddy, Ashley and Brianna and everyone else in our family miss you too.

I love you very much. We had a lot of fun together. You were such a good person and were always kind to others. You did not deserve this.

But I know that I can see you again some day, if I am good and always be kind to others too. I know that I must forgive who did this to you, but it will always hurt when I think about it.

I wish that you were still here with us. I wonder why the good die young.

Goodbye and remember, I love you.


age 8

Letter to Janet from her father.....

Dear Janet,

Today I have an opportunity to tell you of some things which I often think about, but seldom take time to relate to you personally. I am very aware that you are growing up rapidly, and have become much more of a young woman recently, with your 13th birthday. Fathers tend to hate to see their girls grow up because there is a special bond that has developed in your earlier years which I fear will be lost as your interests widen.

I have always enjoyed your cocky attitude and your sense of humor. Your eagerness to enjoy life is gratifying to see. Our times together have been very enjoyable to me. You are intelligent, witty, self-assured, and enjoyable to be with.

The challenge that I face with you at this time is to see that you are prepared to face the rigors of life and that you understand your potential. Your goals, while still general and not very long-range, must be oriented in the right direction, even at your young age. I am very proud of your achievements as a young woman. It is so important for you to understand that the values you are being given in church are the only true means of achieving happiness, both now and in the years to come.

It is easy to be caught up in the false values of the world, which consist mostly of material things and self-interest. The reason for this, I think is that this seems to be an easy way for each of us to measure our self-worth, that is by the amount of wealth we have, or what we have achieved in school, sports, etc. These things are how the world measures how important you are.

Your challenge is to understand how important you are to me, your mother, and to your Father in Heaven. With us, you do not have to prove anything. You are accepted for what you are. My greatest hope for you is that you will place your emphasis in your maturing years on those things which are of an eternal nature. You should read the scriptures more, seek out opportunities for service to others, even in your own family, decide early on that you must follow the pattern of living set by Christ.

It is crucial that you formulate your goals and standards based on an eternal understanding of who you are, a child of God and one whom He loves without condition. He stands ready to reach out to you, as I do, with whatever problem you have, whatever challenge you face, whatever mistake you might have made. Look forward eagerly to time you can spend in prayer with Him. Realize that He wants you to talk to me.

I need you as an important part of my family. You can be an influence for good with your brothers and sisters. Help them to see how great it is to have you as their sister. The best way to do this is to love them and to make them feel important to you.

You have such great possibilities for growth and development as a young woman. This can be some of the best time of your earthly life, as you gain wisdom, experience, knowledge and a testimony of who you are and what you are. I hope you are enjoying your experience this week. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you can help other young women to enjoy life as you do,

I love you,

Submitted by Janet's sister Valanie…

My memories of Janet,

Being one of the older kids, I took it upon myself to take care of the younger siblings. I used to love carrying Janet around and showing her off to my friends. She had very little hair and big ears! We used to make fun of her monkey ears. As Janet got bigger, her hair began to grow. I used get her to be my model in some of my many pictures. She used to hide when I brought out the camera because she was so shy. I don't ever remember a time that Janet fought with any of us.

Summer time was our most favorite time of the year. We would have so much fun running in the sprinkler. One year we actually got a slip n' slide. We had the most fun that summer. Janet even let me take her picture on that slide. We also used to spend many hours at the pool. Of course we would have to help in all the gardens first. We knew if we all worked to together, we would be able to go to the pool faster. Janet would get so tanned at the pool. I was so jealous of her tan and her long blonde hair. We also had had a lot of fun in West Virginia. All the hiking, horse back riding, craft time, swimming, feeding raccoons, evening softball games and many more actives kept us busy.

As I got older, I moved out of the house. I would visit but I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Janet. What little time I had with her I cherished. We would have really long talks even about the birds and the bees. One time she even trusted me to dye her hair and it didn't turn out that well.

When I was living in Hawaii Janet came out to visit me. She spent Christmas with me, my husband, and my little girl. We had so much fun that Christmas. We went to visit the Big Island and hiked up the volcano. We spent a lot of time at the beach and had many laughs there. Janet and I went kayaking for the first time. Janet got so burned that day I thought she had sun poisoning. I will never forget the great time we had together in Hawaii. After that Janet and I would talk on the phone every so often. I would get caught up on everything she was doing. When I would come home to visit, Janet would love to play with my daughter. The last time I got to see Janet, she brought her dog up with her. Janet took my two girls with her to the dog park. My girls still talk about what fun time they had with their Auntie Janet. After that Janet and, I would talk on the phone and, e-mail each other a lot. We were finally getting close, right before she was killed. Janet was a great person and, sister! I wish I would have had more time with her.

Thank you,


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