Breaking News!

On Friday, March 21st 2014
ABC's 20 20 with John Quinones
will be airing a segment on the
murder of Janet and her unborn Child
and subsequent arrest, trial and guilty plea
made by her husband Raven Abaroa
Please check your local listings for the time.

See the Announcement page for the
family statement from March 12, 2014

This web site is a celebration of the life of
Janet Christiansen

On April 26, 2005 Janet’s life was taken along with that of her unborn child.

On February 1, 2010 Raven Abaroa was arrested and charged with the murder of Janet and her unborn child

The song you hear playing in the background was written and performed by Janet's niece Brianna Kendall.

We thought the song and the title were so beautiful we used them as inspiration for Janet's web site.

Brianna was only 9 years old when she lost her Aunt Janet.