from Janet's friend and co-worker Cathy...

This web site for Janet is the most beautiful thing that anyone could do for her and the family. I know the past year has not been a good one for them. But this site will let others and the family to see what a special person and mom Janet was.

Any one who knew Janet knew she was indeed a special person, I met Janet at Sports Endeavors a job and place that she really loved. She told me that she had never worked at such a loving and caring company; that the people here are willing to help you in any way.

Janet as everybody knew was a soccer player and fan of the sport herself so she was able to fit right in with the sports family here.

Now to how I met her and became one of Janet closest friends while she was here for such a short time. Janet came to help out in my dept as a fill in, and that fill in job became a fulltime job for her. I trained her and that is how our friendship started. It became a really special one.

Janet was a very quite, shy person, people say its funny how we were friends since I talked all the time. I guess that’s why she had no choice but to talk to me.

Janet had a hard time shortly after coming to work with us, she had a tubal pregnancy. It took her out for a while but, being the trooper that she was, she came back to work in no time at all. We just all (the ladies in accounting) watched her and took care of her while she was at work. I remember talking to her about this and her saying that she might not be able to have a normal childbirth but, we all know that was not so.

Months after that we were at work one day and Janet told me she didn’t feel too good. I suggested she go to the Doctor since she had problems before. Well, she came back and sat there for a while, didn’t say anything and I couldn’t stand it so, I had to ask how it went and I will never forget the look on her face when she told me she was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it nor could she. But as time went on she was carrying one of the prettiest babies ever.

During Janet’s pregnancy she kept on just like there was nothing to it. Although, it was kind of funny because no one new she was pregnant for a long time. Then just one day she was about 4 or 5 months and she finally looked pregnant. No one could believe it, and everyone told her she was cute but they were all surprised. Janet was a very modest person but she was worried about loosing the weight afterwards, and about getting stretch marks, the whole nine yards of pregnancy. That took her a long time to get used to but she did fine. We laughed about that for a couple of minutes and I told her she was crazy.

Janet was a very shy person and didn’t like a big a fuss over her, so when it was time to give her a baby shower we had to plan it totally without her knowing anything about it, because we were scared she might not show up. (hahahaha) So what we did was tell her it was a surprise Birthday lunch for me. I wished you could have seen her face when she got there, she could not believe what we had done.

That’s why I am glad to share the pictures from the shower for all her friends and family to see. Janet was so funny, she said, “I don’t even know what you do with some of this stuff”, we all just said it would come to you don’t worry. Well about two months later she got to use all of those things she received on the most precious baby, Kaiden.

I was at the hospital when Kaiden was born and he was the prettiest thing ever. Janet looked like she always did just like nothing had happen, just a little tired. The best memory I have of them two (Janet and Kaiden) was looking at her holding Kaiden on her chest just giving him kisses and more kisses. That was truly a special day October 17th 2004.

My note to Janet,

Janet, I miss you terribly. Who would ever think something like this would happen to such a special person, it’s almost like you were an Angel in waiting.

You were truly a special person and when the time comes for me to go home I hope to see you there.

Love you friend,


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